Yiddish Studies



In Memoriam

Eli Katz
Professor of Yiddish Language
Eli Katz studied Yiddish with Dr. Max Weinreich at City College of New York before going on to graduate work in Germanic linguistics. His best known works were his translations of older and modern Yiddish texts particluarly his edition of the 17th century Yiddish fable collection Sefer mesholim and his masterful translation of I.L. Peretz short stories. Prof. Katz published over 20 publications, and was a widely respected scholar, translator, teacher, and friend.
זכר צדיק לברכה


Yael Chaver

John Efron

Bluma Goldstein

Chana Kronfeld

Departments of Comparative Literature and Near Eastern Studies
Prof. Kronfeld teaches Hebrew, Yiddish and Comparative Literature with a special emphasis on modern poetry. She is interested in modernism, minor literatures, the politics of literary history, feminist stylistics, intertextuality, and translation studies.
(Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley)

Naomi Seidman

Center for Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union
Prof. Seidman works with Yiddish, modern Hebrew literature and the Midrashic imagination, feminist and literary theory and their applicability in literary analysis.
(Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley)