• Lilla Balint

    Assistant Professor of German

    Research Areas

    Contemporary German Literature and Media; Theories of the Contemporary; Aesthetics and Politics; Transnationalism and Translation; Digital Writing; European Jewish Literatures; Literary and Cultural Theory; Theories of the Novel

  • Jeroen Dewulf

    Queen Beatrix Professor in Dutch Studies; Professor in German Studies; Director of the Institute of European Studies; Interim Director of the Institute of International Studies

    Research Areas

    Transatlantic slave trade; Dutch and Portuguese (post)colonialism; Low Countries Studies; European politics and culture; Swiss literature and culture

    Introduction to German Reading Culture; The Multicultural Netherlands; The Dutch-Speaking Caribbean; From New Amsterdam to New York; Anne Frank and After; The Indonesian Connection; “Minor Literatures” – Austrian and Swiss Literature and Identity
  • Nikolaus Euba

    Director of German Language Program

    Research Areas

    Foreign Language Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition

    Applied Linguistics

  • Karen Feldman

    Professor of German, Department Chair

    Research Areas

    Frankfurt School; German Idealism; Aesthetics; Literature and Philosophy; Intellectual History

  • Research Areas

    Cultural and media studies with a focus on moving images, multilingual literature, and theories of migration, social interaction and aesthetic intervention in a global horizon

  • Anton Kaes

    Class of 1939 Professor of German and Film & Media

    Research Areas

    Modernism/modernity; Weimar cinema and culture; trauma and memory; 20th century German literature, film, and avant-garde; film theory and media archaeology; Frankfurt School; German exiles; film noir; photography and temporality

  • Winfried Kudszus

    Professor of German

    Research Areas

    Ecosemiotics; Translation Studies; Language Philosophy (Hamann, Nietzsche, Mauthner, Wittgenstein, Heidegger); Psychoanalysis & Literature; 18th-21st Century Germanophone Poetry & Prose; 19th Century Science & Literature.

  • Niklaus Largier

    Professor of German and Comparative Literature

    Research Areas

    Medieval Literature; Literature and religion; History of the Imagination; Literature, sensation and emotions; Aesthetics

  • Irmengard Rauch

    Professor of Germanic Linguistics

    Research Areas

    Germanic linguistics, historical and contemporary; Linguistic fieldwork; Socio-cultural and cognitive approaches to language variation and language change; Semiotics

  • Thomas Shannon

    Professor of Germanic Linguistics and Dutch Studies

    Research Areas

    Germanic linguistics; Modern German and Dutch; Syntax and phonology; Functional and cognitive approaches, e.g. the affects of various semantic, pragmatic, and processing factors on syntactic phenomena

  • Chenxi Tang

    Professor of German

    Research Areas

    German literature and intellectual history from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, with an emphasis on classical-romantic literature and the philosophical thought of German Idealism; Law and Literature; Legal and Political Thought; Comparative Literature (mainly Western Europe)

  • Elaine Tennant

    Professor of German, James D. Director of The Bancroft Library

    Research Areas

    Medieval and early modern literature; Habsburg court society in the early modern period; development of the German language in the late Middle Ages; text and time image; textual instability; Vienna