Affiliated Faculty


Affiliated Faculty

  • Judith Butler

    Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature - Professor

    Kafka, Hannah Arendt, Gender theory, German philosophy and critical theory

  • Pheng Cheah

    Professor of Rhetoric

    German Idealism, Postcolonial and Cosmopolitan Theory

  • John Connelly

    Professor of History

    Eastern Europe, GDR

  • John Efron

    Professor of History

    German-Jewish Relations, Yiddish

  • Hannah Ginsborg

    Professor of Philosophy


  • Amanda Goldstein

    Assistant Professor of English

    Romanticism, Life Sciences, Poetics, Materialism, Ecology, Literary and Critical Theory

  • Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

    Associate Professor of History

    Late Modern European History, Post-Enlightenment Sociability and Social Thought, Post-Catastrophic Cities, Begriffsgeschichte, Theory of History, Human Rights and Internationalism

  • Linda Rugg

    Professor of Scandinavian

    German culture of the late 19th through 20th century, turn-of-the-century Vienna and Prague

  • Hans Sluga

    Professor of Philosophy

    Frege, Wittgenstein, Heidegger and philosophy during the Third Reich