The Department invites applications for multi-year doctoral fellowships in all areas, including cross-disciplinary studies. In cooperation with the Center for Jewish Studies we also offer support for students working on German-Jewish topics. In addition, we are very proud to announce the newly established Sunrise Foundation Fellowship in German Film and Media.


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The Department of German accepts applications for its graduate degree program beginning in September for admission the following fall semester. 

Applications must be submitted online no later than December 15, 2024.

Admissions Procedure and Criteria

Selection criteria include the following:

  • academic background (including grades) and interests
  • professional promise
  • evidence of intellectual initiative and commitment
  • potential for a successful teaching career at the university or college level
  • language proficiency in German

The assessment of the applicant’s potential is based on the materials included in the Graduate Application, primarily on the statement of purpose (which should focus on potential contributions to the field), past record, and recommendations. A writing sample in English or in German that shows the applicant’s thought process and argument style is also required.

Please consult the Graduate Application checklist for a list of required components. Application questions may be sent to the graduate adviser.

The departmental Graduate Admissions and Support Committee examines and evaluates within the first two weeks of each spring semester all completed applications that have been received by the department. The committee then makes its recommendations for admission to the Graduate Division in early February.

It also recommends awards of Graduate Student Instructorships (GSIs) and fellowships at this time. All applicants who have been recommended for admission and support will hear from the department by the end of February.

* Please note that the department does not admit for the MA as a final degree, although the MA will be awarded to students pursuing work toward the PhD after fulfillment of the MA requirements. Applicants who hold an MA in German may apply directly to the PhD program.