The Department of German has an excellent placement record. Over the past three decades, nearly a hundred of our PhDs accepted tenure-track or long-term positions at universities and colleges across the country and in Europe. Students in Germanic Linguistics often work in IT research.

Placement 2010 – 2022

Jon Cho-Polizzi [Asst. Prof. at University of Michigan]
Vera Felder [Lecturer at San Francisco State University]
Landon Reitz [Asst. Prof. at University of Cincinnati]
Kumars Salehi [Asst. Prof. at St. Lawrence, New York]
Christine Vais [Adjunct Faculty at Kent State University]

Alicia Roy [Hitchcock Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley]
Jonas Teupert [Asst. Prof. at National Taiwan University]

Yael Almog [Asst. Prof. at Durham University]
Erik Born [Asst. Prof. at Cornell]
Robin Ellis [Asst. Prof. at College of William and Mary]
Cara Tovey [Asst. Prof. at Charleston College]
Peter Woods [Asst. Prof. at Oberlin College]

Adrienne N. Merritt [Faculty in Residence and Lecturer of German at Oberlin College]

Estes, George Alex [Language Engineer at Amazon, Seattle]
Hench, Christopher [Language Engineer at Amazon, Cambridge, MA]
Tara Hottman [Lecturer at UC Berkeley College Writing Program]
Lindsay Preseau [Asst. Prof., University of Cincinnati]
Annika Orich [Asst. Prof., Georgia Tech]

Ingalls, Jenna [Lecturer, UC Berkeley German Department]
Sebastian Haselbeck, [Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Institut für
     Deutsche Philologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München]

Born, Erik [Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Society for the
     Humanities, Cornell University]
Dobryden, Paul [Asst. Prof., University of Virginia]
Ellis, Robin [Visiting Asst. Prof., Davidson College]
Mušanović, Emina [Asst. Prof., Linfield College]

Allred, Mason [Asst. Prof., Brigham Young University Hawaii]
Dickinson, Kristin [Asst. Prof., University of Michigan]
Gordon, Kevin A. [Instructional Designer, Columbia University NY]

Almog, Yael [Asst. Prof., Center of Literary and Cultural Research in
     Berlin (ZfL) and lecturer at the Barenboim-Said Academy Berlin]
Etzler, Melissa [Assistant Prof., Butler University]
Manthripragada, Ashwin [Asst. Prof., Hobart and William Smith

Beals, Kurt [Asst. Prof., Washington University in St. Louis]
Haubenreich, Jacob [Asst. Prof., Southern Illinois University]
Kooiker, Jason [Lecturer, Stanford Language Center]

Dewey, Tonya [Asst. Prof., University of Minnesota, Morris]
Kolar, Meredith [Lecturer, University of Zürich]
Layne, Priscilla [Assoc. Prof., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill]
Price, Timothy [Research Fellow, University Frankfurt, Germany]
Bergerson, Jeremy [Academic Advisor, University of Minnesota]

Gramling, David [Assoc. Prof., The University of Arizona]
Rahman, Sabrina [Lecturer in Visual Culture, Exeter University, UK]
Huffmaster, Michael [Assistant Professor at the Universidad de Puerto Rico]
Trop, Gabriel [Assoc. Prof., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill]

More Placement 1984-2009

Ames, Eric [Prof., University of Washington]
Augustyn, Prisca [Prof., Florida Atlantic University]
Baackmann, Susanne [Assoc. Prof., University of New Mexico]
Barker, Geoffrey [Project Manager, Pyramid Labs, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA]
Belz, Julie [Associate Professor, IndianaUniversity/Purdue University]
Berman, Nina [Prof. and Director of the School of International Letters
     and Cultures at Arizona State University]
Blumberg, David [Chair of Dept of World Languages, Campolindo High School,
     Moraga, CA]
Byram, Katra [Assoc. Prof., Ohio State University]
Chun, Dorothy [Professor, UC Santa Barbara]
Cleek, John [Schule für Wirtschaft u. Sprache, Winterthur, Switzerland]
Collier Sy-Quia, Hilary [Ermitage International School France]
Cook, Roger [Prof., University of Missouri]
Clopton Bischof, Laura Dale [Librarian, University of Minnesota]
Cowan, Michael [Prof. and Chair, Film Studies, University of St. Andrews]
Cudahy, Mary [Asst. Prof., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale]
Dowden, Steve [Prof., Brandeis University]
Erlin, Matthew [Prof. and Chair, Washington University, St. Louis]
Foell, Kristie [Assoc Prof., Bowling Green State University]
Forester, Lee [Professor, Hope College, Michigan]
Genzmer, Herbert [Author of Fiction and Non-fiction, Translator, Lecturer}
Goozé, Marjanne [ Assoc. Prof. , University of Georgia]
Greiner, Paul [Senior Voice User Interface Designer, Nuance Communications,           Burlington, MA]
Hall, Sara [Assoc. Prof., University of Illinois, Chicago]
Harjes, Kirsten [Continuing Lecturer, UC Davis]
Hasty, Will [Prof. and Director of Center for Medieval Studies, U of Florida]
Henrotte, Gayle Allen [Handong Global University, South Korea]
Hens, Gregor [Novelist and translator, Cologne]
Howell, Tess [Adjunct Prof. Southern Methodist University]
Hwang, June [Assoc. Prof., University of Rochester]
Janko, Jiri [Lawyer: Epstein, Becker, Green, Newark, NJ]
Isenberg, Noah [Prof., University of Texas, Austin]
Kambarov, Zaur [Principal Software Development, Spokeo, LA]
Kapczynski, Jennifer [Assoc. Prof., Washington University]
Kaussen, Karl [President & founder of Biotext LLC, San Francisco]
Ketchem, Sean [Director of Strategy and Content, Metawest Design, San                         Francisco]

Kopp, Kristin [Assoc. Prof., University of Missouri]
Koser, Julie [Assoc. Prof., University of Maryland]
Kosta, Barbara [Prof. and Chair, German Studies, The University of Arizona
Krooks, David (Em) [U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Lab.]
Lagrone, Emily Banwell [Freelance Translator, Oakland, CA]
Levin, David (Prof., University of Chicago)
Listen, Paul [Publishing, translation, editing, Bellingham, WA]
Lovik, Thomas [Professor, Michigan State University]
McFarland Goldman, Julie [Travel Technology, Sabre Corporation, Southlake,             TX]
McFarland, Rob [Assoc. Prof., Brigham Young University]
McCormick, Richard [Professor, University of Minnesota]
Nenno, Nancy [Assoc. Prof., College of Charleston]
Newton, Steven [Translator, Editor, Instructor, Zacster Auckland, New Zealand]
Painter, Sigrid (Em) [UC Berkeley Extension]
Raney, Roslyn Sue [College of San Mateo]
Reitter, Paul [Prof., Ohio State University]
Ritchie, James A. [Adjunct Professor, Fresno City College]
Roberts, Lee [Assoc. Prof., Indiana University/Purdue University]
Roberts, Suin [Assoc. Prof., Indiana University/Purdue University]
Sakalauskaite, Aida [Instructor, College of Alameda]
Schiffman, Byron [Tourism Management, San Francisco]
Seong, Sang Hwan [Professor, Seoul National University]
Shay, Scott [Government Principal Consultant, Senior Developer, Senior Trainer]
Smith, Arden [Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, Tolkien scholar, Editor]
Starkey, Kathryn [Prof., Stanford University]
Toth, Gergely [Assoc. Instructor, University of Utah]
Tschirner, Erwin [Director, Herder Institute, University of Leipzig}
Vandergriff, Ilona [Prof., San Francisco State]
Warner, Chantelle [Assoc. Prof., The University of Arizona]
Wauchope, Mary [Professor, San Diego State University]
Wellmon, Chad [Prof. of German Studies, University of Virginia]
Whitt, Jason [Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham]
Wiliarty, Kevin [Academic Computing Manager, Wesleyan University]
Wooten, David [Far West Millwork, Semiotic Study Group in San Francisco]
Yamini-Hamedani, Azadeh [Assoc. Prof., World Literature Program,
      Simon Fraser University, Canada]
Zhang, Lihua [Chinese Language Co-ordinator, UC Berkeley]