Dutch Courses for Spring 2021

Content for Spring 2021

Dutch Courses:

 Dutch 1 (5) Elementary Dutch. Van Der Hoeven
(Taught in Dutch)

In this beginner’s course, students will familiarize themselves with the basics of Dutch: sounds and spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. Weekly themes form the basis of in-class conversations and write-ups. By the end of the semester, students will be able to express themselves in speaking and in writing about a variety of topics, including introducing yourself, time, living, studying, traveling, and talking about present and past situations.

Dutch 2 (5) Elementary Dutch. Van Der Hoeven
(Taught in Dutch)

Prerequisites: Dutch 1 or equivalent.  In Dutch 2, students’ knowledge of Dutch vocabulary and grammar will be expanded and put into practice, in engaging conversation classes and weekly writing assignments. Each week is dedicated to a theme, which forms the heart of the readings and discussions. Students will conclude this semester by giving a short presentation in Dutch.

Dutch 171AC (4) From New Amsterdam to New York: Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherland. Dewulf
(Taught in English)

What would it mean to begin modern American history on the island of Manhattan instead of New England? We intend to question the Anglo-American perspective on the representation of cultural identity, national identity, ethnicity, and race by constrasting the traditional foundation story of the United States with that of the 17th-century Dutch colony on Manhattan. Readings will include historical and ethnographic writings, self-representations of the different ethnic groups, and fictional accounts.