Dutch Courses for Spring 2020

Content for Spring 2020

Dutch Courses:

 Dutch 1 (5) Elementary Dutch. Van Der Hoeven
(Taught in Dutch)

In this beginner’s course, students will familiarize themselves with the basics of Dutch: sounds and spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. Weekly themes form the basis of in-class conversations and write-ups. By the end of the semester, students will be able to express themselves in speaking and in writing about a variety of topics, including introducing yourself, time, living, studying, traveling, and talking about present and past situations.

Dutch 2 (5) Elementary Dutch. Van Der Hoeven
(Taught in Dutch)

Prerequisites: Dutch 1 or equivalent.  In Dutch 2, students’ knowledge of Dutch vocabulary and grammar will be expanded and put into practice, in engaging conversation classes and weekly writing assignments. Each week is dedicated to a theme, which forms the heart of the readings and discussions. Students will conclude this semester by giving a short presentation in Dutch.

Dutch C178/Spanish C178 (4) Cultural Studies. Dewulf
(Taught in English)

“The Dutch-Speaking Caribbean: Hybridity, Race, and Identity in the Antilles and Surinam”

This course is designed for students who wish to compliment their knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean by focusing on areas with a Dutch colonial history. No knowledge of Dutch required.