News & Events

Social Activities

The German Department at Berkeley regularly hosts a number of recurring social activities during the semester, including Kaffeeklatsch, Stammtisch, and German Film Club. For information on the current semester schedule please contact

Kaffeeklatsch is a biweekly event allowing students and speakers of German of all language levels to gather over coffee. This get-together offers students the chance to practice their German through casual conversation.

At Stammtisch, undergraduate and graduate students come together to speak German in a casual environment. All levels welcome!

The German Film Club organizes public screenings of German films for students taking courses in the German department and anyone from the campus community interested in German cinema.

The Department of German offers many extracurricular opportunities. Please see Events for a current schedule of events.

The Student Colloquium Series provides a regular forum for graduate students to present their current work in German literary, cultural, and linguistic studies. This event is the perfect venue for works in progress, such as a conference paper, journal article, or dissertation chapter, where feedback and discussion (and presentation practice!) would be beneficial. The colloquium is organized and run by graduate students.

Extra-Departmental Offerings
The Department of German is fortunate to be situated in an area rich with on- and off-campus cultural offerings for students, faculty, staff and visitors.