Graduate Seminars for Spring 2021

Content for Spring 2021

German 202C (4) Modern German Literature. Gokturk
(Taught in English)

“Archival Resistance in Times of Fake News”.

This seminar asks what scholars in German studies and the Humanities can contribute to key questions of our time. What is the role of imagination in shaping scenarios of social cohesion and division? How are claims to home (Heimat) and settlement justified vis-a-vis those who are unsettled, migrant or homeless? How are boundaries drawn, and where does “the West” begin? Is solidarity possible? These questions cannot be answered by reading fiction alone but they can also not be answered without fiction. Our challenge will be to conceptualize interfaces between archival research, aesthetic production, and political action. The seminar’s focus will be on theoretical work with an eye on practice, examining identifications based on race and ethnicity in a critical transnational perspective. Conceptual clarifications of terms such as intertextual, intermedial, intercultural, intersectional, diasporic, postcolonial, postsocialist, postmigrant, and transcultural will help to frame our analyses.  This seminar, taught in English, is offered through the Department of German. It is open to students from other programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences who are encouraged to take the seminar and enrich our comparative discussion with texts of their own choice, addressing the questions raised.

German 375B (4) Language Pedagogy II. Euba
(Taught in English and German)

This course expands upon the basis of methodology and theory of language teaching covered in 350 and prepares students for teaching at the intermediate level. The theoretical and practical exploration of recent developments in second language teaching concentrates on instructional technology, teaching writing, teaching literary texts, and curriculum design. Students reflect on their development as teachers through a journal, video, and observation of their teaching, and the final portfolio.