Sarah M. Harris
Male Bias in Generic Statements: A Contrastive Analysis of English and German Nouns

Carolyn Hawkshaw
The “Secret Inclination” of the German Weak Masculine Nouns: A Case of Usage-Driven Paradigmatic Change. A Diachronic Corpus Study (1350–1900)


Vera Felder
Of Friends and Foes: A Corpus-Based Study of Conceptual Metaphor in the Discourse of Contemporary Right-Wing Populism in Germany

Landon Reitz
Looking Up from the Page: Scenes of Reading in Medieval to Contemporary German Literature

Kumars Salehi
The Dialectical Curmudgeon: Afterlives of Hegel in German Literature and Political Thought

Christine Vais
A Diachronic Application of Frame Semantics to Meaning Change in Prepositions: The Case of German mit 


Evelyn Roth
Meaning through Context – The Case of Discourse Neologisms: A Lexicological Approach to the Semiotic Nature and Function of Discourse Neologisms as an Extension to the Lexicographical Approach of Discourse Glossaries for COVID-19

Julia K. Schroeder
Artificial Woman in the Box

Jonas Teupert
Fugitive Forms: Literary Critiques of Modern Mobility

Melissa K. Winters
From the Wartburg to Nuremberg: Richard Wagner, the Middle High German Blütezeit, and Early Modernity


Jon Cho-Polizzi 
A Different Village: Writing Place through Migration

Alicia Roy
Authorship in Crisis: German Cinema and the Changing Roles of the Writer

Scott Shell
The application of Peircean Semiotics to the Elder Futhark Tradition: Establishing Parameters for Magical Communication


Michael J. Fragomeni
Optimality Theory and the Semiotic Triad: A New Approach for Songwriting, Sound Recording, and Artistic Analysis

Adrienne N. Merritt
Recalling the Word: the Germanic Beguine “Sisters,” Memory, and the Question of Genre

Cara E. Tovey
Life as a Dance: Lebensform and the Promise of an Alternative Modernity


Estes, George
Phonetics and Sound Change:  Selected Problems in Germanic Phonology

Hench, Christopher
Resonances in Middle High German: New Methodologies in Prosody

Hottman, Tara
The Art of the Archive: Uses of the Past in the German Essay Film

Orich, Annika
Artificial Aliens: Reproductive Imaginations in German Culture

Preseau, Lindsay
“Kiezdeutsch, Kiezenglisch”: English in German Multilingual/-ethnic Speech Communities 


Fockele, Kenneth
Songs of the Self: Authorship and Mastery in Minnesang

Haselbeck, Sebastian
Dieses furchtbare Doppelgängertum der Repräsentation. Gespenstische Figuren der Souveränität zwischen 1910 und 1919

Ingalls, Jenna 
Else-Lasker-Schüler’s Collaborative Avant Garde: Text and Image in Berlin c. 1910

Woods, Peter 
Slovene Bilingualism and German Language Contact


Born, Erik
Sparks to Signals: Literature, Science and Wireless Technology, 1800-1930

Johnson, Courtney
Inside in the City: Domestic Space in the Literature and Film of Weimar Berlin

Savoth, Eric
Responding to Pain: Emotion, Medicine, and Culture between German Naturalism and Modernism


Almog, Yael
Hebrew Reminiscences: Global Religion, Politics and Aesthetics in the Rise of Hermeneutic Thinking

Dickinson, Kristin (filed in Comparative Literature with Deniz Göktürk as Adviser)
Translation and the Experience of Modernity: A History of German Turkish Connectivity

Dobryden, Paul
Cinema as Environment: The Emergence of German Film Culture

Gordon, Kevin A.
Traces in the Desert: The Poetics of Sand, Dust and Ash in German Literature

Manthripragada, Ashwin J.
Constituting a Self through an Indian Other. A Study of Select Works by Stefan Zweig and Hermann Hesse

Musanovic, Emina
The Shadow: An Unruly Modern Specter


Etzler, Melissa
Writing from the Periphery: W. G. Sebald and Outsider Art

LeBlanc, Mary Ellen
Inheritance and Inflectional Morphology: Old High German, Latin, Early New High German, and Koine Greek


Beals, Kurt
From Dada to Digital: Experimental Poetry in the Media Age

Backman, Donald
The Topographic Imagination: Kerouac, Regener, Kafka and the Quest for Self-Realization

Haubenreich, Jacob
The Materialities of Writing in Rilke’s The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge


Kolar, Meredith
Cognitive Structures Underlying Gendered Language Usage in Germany: Narration and Linguistic Fieldwork

St. Clair, Michael
Germanic Origins from the Perspective of the Y-Chromosome

Zahrt, Jennifer
The Astrological Imaginary in Early Twentieth-Century German Culture


Bergerson, Jeremy
Apperception and Linguistic Contact between German and Afrikaans

Layne, Priscilla
Black Voices, German Rebels: Acts of Masculinity in Postwar Popular Culture


Huffmaster, Michael
Reading Kafka’s Mind: Categories, Schemas, Metaphors

Price, Timothy
The Old Saxon Leipzig Heliand Manuscript Fragment (MS L): New Evidence Concerning Luther, the Poet, and Ottonian Heritage

Rahman, Sabrina
Designing Empire: Austria and the Applied Arts, 1864-1918

Sakalauskaite, Aida
Zoometaphors in English, German, and Lithuanian: A Corpus Study

Trop, Gabriel
Aesthetic Exercises and Poetic Form in the Works of Hölderlin, Novalis, and Rococo Poets


Gramling, David
Where Here Begins: Monolingualism and the Spatial Imagination

Henderson, Dayton
The Cult of Antigone Conflicts in Commemorating Germany’s Fallen Soldiers

Kooiker, Jason
Standard German and Dialect in the Swiss-German Classroom 

Schechtman, Robert
Community and Utopia: The Discourse of Gemeinschaft and the Search for a New Modernity in Germany

Yamini-Hamedani, Azadeh
Waves of Translation: Goethe, Hafez, Nietzsche, Zoroaster


more dissertations 2008-1908