Ulrich Tiedau will lead a workshop on “Text- and Sentiment-Mining for Historical Cultural Enquiry” from 2-4 p.m. in Dwinelle 282.

The workshop will discuss the promises and challenges of ‘big data’ and digital methods for historical and cultural enquiry. Text mining and sentiment mining open up the perspective of a quantitative approach to the history of mentalities, allowing researchers to discover long-term developments and turning points in public debates, as well as to map vectors of cross-cultural influences.

Examples will be drawn from the Asymmetrical Encounters project (2013–16), which tries to answer the question how during the 19th and 20th centuries the large and cultural powerful countries Britain, France, and Germany influenced public debates in smaller countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and the “Translantis” project which traces the emergence of the United States as a reference culture for the Netherlands, 1890–1990.

Ulrich Tiedau is a Senior Lecturer in Modern Low Countries history and society at the Department of Dutch and an Associate Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities at University College London.

The lecture will be in English.