Friday, April 11th at 6:00pm in 102 Moffitt Library: Film screening followed by Q&A with the director

RICORDARE ANNA – REMEMBER ANNA by Dr. Walo Deuber (award-winning Swiss filmmaker)

Viktor Looser (Matthias Gnädinger, The Downfall) has been living in the past for a decade. He cannot get over the death of his daughter Anna (Bibiana Beglau, The Legend of Rita) and her two children. When the past confronts him in the present, the years of bitterness suddenly appear in a different light. In severely deteriorated health, Viktor decides to take a very different look at the past. He sets off to the place which once upon a time had so profound an effect on his daughter: Sicily. After completing her degree in Italian in the mid-1980s, Anna felt drawn to Sicily. The spirited 26-year-old student left behind her involvement in militant youth rebellions in Zurich, and, to her father’s horror, passed up the opportunity of a career at the university. The search in Sicily proves difficult for Viktor, but in dialogues with the dead Anna, who in the course of his research magically comes closer and closer to him again, his picture of his daughter’s loves and woes begins to reassemble.

Prof. Deuber has taught seminars in Europe and the United States and teaches scriptwriting and drama at the HGKL (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Luzern). After earning his doctorate from Zurich, Dr. Deuber worked as a journalist for various Swiss newspapers and was an editor for Limmat-Verlag. Select films by Walo Deuber include Spuren Verschwinden (Fading Traces, 1998) and Der schwarze Tanner (1984).

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