The Future’s Past
Film Screening and Q&A with the award-winning filmmaker Susanne Brandstätter
Thursday, April 11th at 5:30-7:30 p.m. in Dwinelle B4 (basement level)

Using the Khmer Rouge Tribunal as a starting point, Susanne Brandstätter takes a deeper look into the lives of young people on the brink of adulthood. As the trial accusing a perpetrator of the Pol Pot regime progresses, it becomes a catalyst for a new generation of Cambodians questioning their parents, families and neighbors about the inhumanities their nation has suffered.

Brandstätter accompanies three families on two different continents – two Cambodian families and an immigrated Cambodian family in Paris, France – recognizing that the truth is only to be found among those who survived and that the past can best be questioned by those who are about to build a future.

Susanne Brandstätter was born and grew up in Los Angeles, studied art and French literature in Los Angeles and Paris. She moved to the south of Austria in ’75 and in 1983, she started working for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, and began making in-house TV documentaries in 1987 on a regular basis. She also wrote and published short stories and poetry, while creating, organizing and managing festivals and exhibitions. From ’96 on, she decided to devote herself solely to documentaries. Susanne Brandstätter lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

For further information or questions please contact Melissa Etzler.

The film will be screened with ENGLISH subtitles; everyone is welcome!