Irmengard Rauch published “Translations of the Bible,” in The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages. Ed. R. F. Bjork. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Spring 2010) and “Exapted ‘oh’: How does It Fit into the Prosodic Hierarchy?” Vox Germanica, Ed. Stephen Harris et al. (Tucson, AZ: Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2010).

Rauch co-authored with graduate students Jeremy Bergerson, Carolyn Hawkshaw, Meredith Kolar, Chris Little, Joellyn Palomaki, Stephanie Peltner, Timothy Price, Michael St. Clair, Jason Whitt, Peter Woods, “BAG 10: Toward the Architecture of the Lie”, Interdisciplinary Journal for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis vol. 15, 1 (2010).