Poetry slam with Michel Abdollahi and Sulaiman Masomi

Michel Abdollahi, born in Teheran in 1981, has been living in Hamburg, Germany, for more than 20 years. He studied law, then entered the slam poetry scene in Hamburg where he has been active as an award winning poet and as a political voice fighting aggression in public schools and building bridges between Orient and Occident. He writes and performs in German and Farsi.

Sulaiman Masomi, born in Kabul in 1979, moved to Germany with his parents a year later to escape the war against the Soviet Union. He has been active in Germany’s slam and hip hop scene, winning numerous prestigious awards for his politically charged texts and performances that often focus on the plight of foreigners in Germany. He writes and performs in German.

Both authors/performers represent Germany at the 2008 Other Words Festival in San Francisco.