Noon Colloquium

  • For graduate students presenting their research (their proposed dissertation, conference papers, or current research project)

  • For visitors (profs., postdocs, doctoral students) presenting their research

  • For guests speakers


In the Doctoral Colloquium of the Department of German at UC Berkeley, visitors, guest speakers, faculty, and doctoral students present the progress of their proposed dissertations, conference papers, or current research projects. Regular colloquia help to ensure that a collegial exchange is possible and that ideas, critical suggestions, and outstanding matters can be discussed. This is an opportunity for faculty, visitors, and doctoral students from various departments to share their ideas, listen to different works in progress and get feedback in a friendly and informal setting. 



  • We will meet at noon (not Berkeley time) for one hour, with 30 minutes of presentation time and 30 minutes of discussion time in Dwinelle Room 282.


  • Date 1: Friday, November 4 from 12-1 pm

  • Spearker: Professor Dr. Sadhana Naithani. Dr. Naithani is Visiting Professor of German Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, based in the Anthropology Department. Dr. Naithani will talk about her current research “Erzählende Landschaften / Narrative Landscapes”  concerning the contemporary life of Grimms’ Märchen in Germany.


Each noon colloquium will be announced by email! 

If you have any questions or if you want to present, please feel free to contact the organizers Andrew Blough  or Verena Wolf

We are looking forward to a lively discussion!
See you Friday at 12!
Verena & Andrew