Marx and Philosophy (Day 2)

This is a multi-day conference (February 21-22, 10 am-4:30 pm)


Speakers include: Banu Bargu, Eleanor Kaufman, A. Kiarina Kordela, Warren Montag, Vittorio Morfino, Ted Stolze, and Massimiliano Tomba.


This two-day conference seeks to generate and examine the conceptual problems, questions and returns of the relationships (and non-relationships) of Marx and philosophy. What philosophical debts does Marx inherit or incur? How does Marx think and intervene in philosophy? What transformations occur in philosophy as a result of Marx’s interventions and how do these transformations, in turn, inflect the current philosophical conjuncture? We aim to determine the positions animating their oft-remarked contrarieties and irreducible antagonisms, as well as to investigate their less often considered coincidence and mutual presupposition.


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This event is co-sponsored by The Program in Critical Theory, The Townsend Center, The Social Science Matrix, the Berkeley Network for a New Political Economy, and The Departments of English, Anthropology, Sociology, German, and French.