If You Can’t Pay You Should Go! Solidarity and Crisis Politics in the EU

The Eurocrisis after 2010 and the migration crisis of 2015 posed important policy challenges for the European Union and its member states. Both crisis events impacted on EU countries in an asymmetrical manner. The process of taming these problems through policies resulted in political conflicts between voters and governments supporting solidarity with negatively affected countries on the one hand, and those opposing it on the other. Philipp Trein will analyze the political process of making anti-crisis policies in the EU and compare it with the process in federal states and will conclude with a discussion of the implications of EU crisis politics for solidarity between member states.

Philipp Trein earned his PhD in Political Science at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He is currently Senior Researcher at the Business School (HEC) and the Institute of Political Studies of the University of Lausanne as well as Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley. His research interests cover the coordination and integration of public policy, the politics of preventative and curative health policies, the problem-solving capacity of multilevel systems, and crisis politics. In 2019, he received an Ambizione Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.


menghini@berkeley.edu .