The Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable meets biennially in even-numbered years. In 2002 it will meet on Friday and Saturday, April 5-6.


 Friday, April 5

  • 8:30 Registration (Faculty Club: Seaborg Room)
  • Morning Session: John H. McWhorter (UC Berkeley)
  •  9:00 Sang Hwan Seong (Univ. of Bonn): “Transitive Constructions and Prominence Typology in English, Dutch, and German”
  •  9:25 Gergely Toth (UC Berkeley): A Strong West Germanic MP Competitor: The Case of Hungarian”
  •  9:50 Anatoly Liberman (Univ. of Minnesota): “Some General Principles of Etymology”
  •  10:15 Lee M. Roberts (UC Berkeley): “When Form Defines Content”
  •  10:40 Roland Willemyns (Free Univ. Brussels): “Corpus Planning in 19th Century Flanders and its Consequences on Public Language Usage in the Administration”
  •  11:05 Caroline Féry (Univ. of Potsdam): “Information Structure: Intonation and Prosodic Structure in a Typological Perspective”
  •  12:00 – 1:30 Lunch
  •  Afternoon Session: Roland Willemyns (Free Univ. Brussels)
  •  1:30 Werner Abraham (UC Berkeley): “Pronomina im Diskurs: deutsche Personal- und Demonstrativpronomina unter Zentrierungsperspekitive: Grammatische Überlegungen zu einer Teiltheorie der Textkohärenz
  •  1:55 Jeremy Bergerson (Univ. of Minnesota): “The formative element -s in West Germanic”
  •  2:20 Suin Shin (UC Berkeley): “Why der E-mail or die Team sounds Odd: Gender Assignment of English Loan Words in German”
  •  2:45 Livio Gaeta (Univ. of Turin): “On the Relation between Primary and Secondary Umlaut”
  •  3:10 Dorian Roehrs (Indiana Univ.): “Case Fluctuation of Some Middle-reflexive Predicates in Icelandic”
  •  3:35 Michael Wagner (MIT): “Opaque Complementation and German Word Stress”
  •  4:00 Bay Area German Linguistic Fieldwork Project (UC Berkeley): On the German Language of Civility/Vulgarity: Evidence from Bonn”
  •  7:00 Dinner (Faculty Club: Howard Lounge)
  •  Theo Vennemann (Univ. of Munich): “Semitic Influences on Germanic Language and Society”

Saturday, April 6

  •  Morning Session (Seaborg Room): Werner Abraham (UC Berkeley)
  •  9:00 Ari Hoptman (Univ. of Minnesota): “Possible Remnants of Proto-Germanic Stress in West Germanic Alliterative Verse”
  •  9:25 Donald Steinmetz (Augsburg College): “An OT Approach to German Plurals: Default Hierarchies for Gender and Plural”
  •  9:50 Daniel Richards (Univ. of Michigan): “Compound Numeral Inversion in English”
  •  10:15 Jiri Janko (UC Berkeley): “Delimiting the Dependent Clause Constituency in Old High German”
  •  10:40 Ye-Ok Oh (Chungnam National Univ.): “Untersuchungen der polysemen Ableitungen in der kognitiven Semantik”
  •  11:05 Wayne Harbert (Cornell Univ.): “Toward a Grammar of Germanic: A Status Report”
  •  12:00-1:30 Lunch
  •  Afternoon Session: Robert G. Hoeing (SUNY Buffalo)
  •  1:30 Hans Boas (Univ. of Texas): : “The Role of Semantic classes in Determining Verbal Alternation Patterns: Evidence from English and German Locative Alternations”
  •  1:55 Andre Meinunger (ZAS Berlin/Univ. of Leipzig): “Speech Act Adverbials and a Curiosity with the German ‘Vorfeld’”
  •  2:20 Geoffrey Barker (UC Berkeley): “Intonation in Tyrolean German: A Typological Study of Nuclear Contours”
  •  2:45 “Theres Grüter (McGill Univ.): “How Thomas became ‘Tömu’ and Alfons “Fönsu’: An OT Account of Hypocoristics in Bernese Swiss German”
  •  3:10 John H. McWhorter (UC Berkeley): “What Happened to English?
  •  3:35 Christopher D. Sapp (Indiana Univ.): “The Origins of the Scandinavian s-Passive””
  •  4:00 Irmengard Rauch (UC Berkeley): “Muscular Gothic”
  •  Cocktails

Contact Information

  • Irmengard Rauch, Department of German at University of California, Berkeley.
  • Phone: (510) 642-2003
  • phone/fax: (707) 746-7480


Reservations can be made at:

  • The Faculty Club, UC Berkeley; (510) 642-1993 / (510) 540-5678
  •  The Durant Hotel, 2600 Durant Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704; (510) 845-8981

 The Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable is supported by the University of California Berkeley Center for German and European Studies and the Max Kade Foundation, Inc.