“Aus der Zeit” (Out of Time, 2007) by Harald Friedl.

Special film screening followed by a Q&A session with the director!

The film is a painfully, tenderly funny portrait of a dying breed: the independent family store owners in Vienna. Under the pretext of filming a megalopolis, “Berlin, Symphony of a Big City” extolled the hectic rhythm of machines, the accelerating circulation of goods and messages: the automated world of the future. Almost eighty years on, in a Europe in which economic prudence is becoming the rule, where “big” either eclipses or absorbs “small,” “traditional” Mom & Pop shops are vanishing at an alarming rate.

“Out of Time” is a documentary about four of this dying breed of small local shops: a butcher shop, a drug store, a leatherwear shop and a button shop. By the end of the film only one of these shops will have survived. Silently observed by the camera, the film unfolds as a portrayal about memories, relationships, working conditions, love, loneliness and the passing of time