Eric Vanhaute will give a lecture titled, “From Famine to Food Crisis: Lessons and Limits of the European Experience.”

In the beginning of the 21st century, the world is confronted with what seems to become the first global food crisis. What are its historical roots? What is new? How did past societies cope with ‘food security’? What can we learn from ‘the big escape’ from famine in the Western world? What are the limits of these lessons? This lecture tries to entangle the past and present relationship between the production of food and the production of famine.

Eric Vanhaute is this year’s Pieter Paul Rubens Chair at the Department of History, in collaboration with the Dutch Studies Program. He is Professor of Economic and Social History and World History at Ghent University in Belgium.

This lecture is the result of cooperation between the Dutch Studies Program and the Department of History. Contact Jeroen Dewulf:, Eric Vanhaute:, Susanna Elm: