Clemens Gadenstätter (born 1966, Zell am See/Salzburg) studied Composition with Erich Urbanner (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) and Helmut Lachenmann (1992-1995, University of Music and Perfroming Arts Stuttgart) as well as he studied the flute (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) with Wolfgang Schulz. During his student years, he was active as a flautist in numerous ensembles and orchestras (including with Klangforum Wien from 1989-92). In 1990, he and Florian E. Müller co-founded the ensemble neue musik – wien, which performs a wide variety of new works, […]

Travel reports and autobiographical texts chronicling journeys to the East in the long 1960s have boomed in the last twenty years. “Western” travelers did not only associate India with “life-changing decisions” but also characterized the trip as a crucial experience and an initiation of a generation. The lecture takes up the historical-cultural thesis of value change and the “life-style revolution” in the long 1960s and explores some of the cultural effects of travel and temporary migration to India among the youth of the 1960s and 1970s on popular cultures in the FRG, the UK, the […]

Love in the Ruins: Jewish Life in Lower Silesia 1945-1968 in the voice of the oral history Polish-born Yiddishist and oral historian Agnieszka Ilwicka will talk about her research project "Love in the Ruins: Jewish Life in Lower Silesia 1945-1968." After World War II, Lower Silesia was the largest Jewish settlement in Europe. Ilwicka will share her journey through Yiddish, Polish, Hebrew, and German stories recorded in the U.S., Israel, Germany, and Poland. Agnieszka Ilwicka began learning Yiddish as an undergraduate at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, and she has continued her study […]