Prof. Dr. Ortrud Gutjahr (Universität Hamburg) Aufklärungstheater: Lessings Dramen und Hamburgische Dramaturgie NOTE: This course only meets for 5 Fridays (09/1-09/29/2017) from 1-4pm in 282 Dwinelle Hall. Gotthold Ephraim Lessings Schauspiel Nathan der Weise (1779) gilt als das deutschsprachige Drama der Aufklärung schlechthin. Und dies nicht nur, weil es bis heute das am häufigsten auf der Bühne inszenierte Stück der Epoche ist, sondern auch, weil es mit seinen szenischen Dialogen auf unmittelbare Weise zu aufklärerischem Denken anleitet. Durch die Argumentationsweisen des […]

What happened to the great Central European luxury commodity of the eighteenth century, porcelain, when formerly mercantile firms had to compete in a (relatively) open market with mass producers of ceramics? How did the porcelain firms’ painters and modelers deal with the reality that consumers now wanted inexpensive imitations of Baroque tea sets rather than modern artistic masterpieces? To what extent did the opening up of the consumer marketplace to the middling classes change the technology and financing of luxury production? What did nineteenth-century German and Austrian consumers want […]

There are more violent conflicts, civil wars, crises around the globe than ever since WW ll. New powers are testing their strength, established powers are inward looking. Global and regional governance, from the UN to the Brettonwood institutions, to NATO and EU, are under pressure. Autocrats, even in NATO and the EU, are undermining democratic institutions. What should a new world order look like?