Alle sind willkommen zu einem Werkstattgespräch mit Winfried Kudszus

zum Thema

"Metaphern des Mangels"

am Dienstag, 8. April, 17:30-19 Uhr in 282 Dwinelle.

Zur vorbereitenden Lektüre:

unter "26 Erzählungen": Von den Gleichnissen; Vor dem Gesetz; Die Sorge des Hausvaters; Ein Hungerkünstler

2) Ludwig Wittgenstein: Über Gewißheit, especially pp. 148 f., 170 f., 172 f., 174 (copy in dept. library, tray Kudszus)

3) Hans Blumenberg"Im Fliegenglas", in Ästhetische und metaphorologische Schriften, pp. 210-236,

4) Jane Bennett: "Thing-Power II: Odradek's Nonorganic Life", in Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things, pp. 6 - 8,

PhD Alumnus Jacob Haubenreich (College of the Holy Cross) will give a workshop titled "Materiality and Meaning in Contemporary Literary Studies: A Workshop."

This workshop will focus on the what might be called the "materialist" or posthermeneutic" turn(s) in contemporary literary studies: why and how have current discussions of media materialities, affect, presence, embodiment, a-signifying practices, "new materialism," and new philology emerged at this particular moment in intellectual history? And how do these discourses relate to more "traditional" questions of textual interpretation?
The presentation will be followed by a discussion of the job search process and things you can start doing early on to prepare yourself to enter the academic market.

Friday 10/18/2013 4-6pm in 282 Dwinelle Hall