Zainab Hossainzadeh

Zainab Hossainzadeh

PhD Candidate

Office: 5409 Dwinelle

Zainab Hossainzadeh is a graduate student in Germanic Linguistics. She received her BA in Linguistics and minors in German and Latin from the University of California, Berkeley in 2013, and she received her MA in Germanic Linguistics, also from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2017. She is interested in translation studies and wants to examine translation across multiple modern and historical languages in the context of sacred/religious texts. She aims to incorporate computational approaches into her research.

Recent Courses

UGIS W158 (Global Citizenship) - Summer 2018
Linguistics 5 (Language and Linguistics) - Spring 2018
German 1 (Elementary German I) - Fall 2017
German 1 (Elementary German I) - Summer 2017
German 2 (Elementary German II) - Spring 2017
German 1 (Elementary German I) - Fall 2016

Research Areas

Germanic linguistics, cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, cross-linguistic analysis, translation, religious studies