An epiphany, a bolt of spiritual lightning, an astonishing conceit, a fleeting insight, a lasting memory–great poetry is all this and more. A moment of social or personal crisis encapsulated in an ironic or moving phrase, or a universal sentiment brought to life in musical language–a sentence’s light touch or heavy rhythm can make your day. You can read it in a minute, yet savor it for a lifetime.

Here in the Department of German, we love literature. We’ve created this space in the image of those dog ears dotting the corners of the pages in a well-loved book.

Our Poetry Corner is a space for reflection on the spirit of poems and poetry. Head there to share a poem you love, a translation you adore or one you’ve done yourself, or criticism you have penned in response to a short-form text.

Summer Reading is designed to keep us reading and thinking about reading while school is technically out of session. This summer reading recommendation is also intended to follow us into the subsequent academic year, as well: infusing discussions in all arenas of academic discourse. Join us in spirit to form a community of readers spread near and abroad.

Finally, Recommended Reads are a collection of texts that come highly recommended by the department’s faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. Take a peek whether you are wondering what to read next or are ecstatic with praise for the last book whose pages you caressed.

And in case you are around in the spring, you may want to check out the department’s annual Cabaret, a tradition we have observed since the department’s earliest days.

This is the place for those who have nurtured, maybe even secretly, a passion for the sounds and meanings of language–-a passion that drew many of us to the world of literature in the first place. Let’s celebrate the love of literature, but also the analytical skills of those of us trying to grapple with the richness of a work’s allusions and rhetorical strategies. We sincerely hope that you join us here.

Feel at home, you’re among friends.