Dissertations 2008-1908


Byram, Katra
Other People’s Stories: Ethics, Identity, and Coming to Terms with the Past, 1871-Present

Kambarov, Zaur
The Concept of Definiteness and Its Application to Nominal Reference Resolution with Particular Emphasis on German

Koser, Julie
Representations of Armed Women in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century German Literature

Whitt, Jason
Evidentiality and Perception Verbs in English and German: A Corpus-Based Analysis from the Early Modern Period to the Present


Felsen, Sarah Bailey
In a Manner of Speaking: Yiddish and the Literature of the German-Jewish Subculture

Dewey, Tonya
The Origins and Development of Germanic V2: Evidence from Alliterative Verse

Hwang, June
Locating the Stranger in German Modernity

Warner, Chantelle
Legitimizing Lives: Stylistic Elements of Testimonial Practice in Contemporary German Literature

Wooten, David
The Triune Brain in Semiosis: Paul MacLean’s Neuroethology and the Doctrine of Signs


Ascarate, Richard
Extreme Foreignness: German Constructions of Latin America from the Early Modern to the Postmodern

Wellmon, Michael Chad
Becoming Human: Romantic Anthropology and the Embodiment of Freedom

Banwell, Emily Jeanne
Why Grotesque? Transgression, Ambiguity and Humor in “Postraumatic” Literature

Brett, Jeremy
Some Varieties of Melancholic Poetry (Hölderlin, Günther, Burton, Novalis, Freud)

Woltemade, Peter
“der lac von einer tjoste tot / als im diu minne dar gebot.” Courtly Love and Knightly Violence in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival


Cowan, Michael James
Culture of the Will: Nervousness and German Modernity

Howell, Tiffany
V/banished Identities: The Case of Eastern German Humor

Toth, Gergely Lajos
Linguistic interference and Native Language Attrition: German and Hungarian in the San Francisco Bay Area

Coffey, Michael
Autosegmental Processes in Early Germanic: Evidence from Northwest Germanic

Roberts, Lee
Ghost of a Nation: Totalitarian Spirit and the Literary Mind of WWII Germany and Japan

Shin, Suin
Grammaticalization of Politeness: A Contrastive Study of German, English, and Korean


Goldman, Julie
Germanic Verbal Ablaut and Optimality Theory


Cudahy, Mary Akatiff
Fleisser, Bachmann, & H.D.: An Autobiographical Prejudice

Barker, Geoffrey
Intonation Patterns in Tyrolean German: An Autosegmental-Metrical Analysis

Kapczynski, Jennifer
The German Patient: Metaphors of National Illness in Postwar Literature and Film

Ketchem, Sean
.DE,.RU,.COM: A Contrastive Analysis of Online Variation in German, Russian, and English


Cleek, John
Money, Prestige and the Development of Standard German

Fritz, Daniela
Language Socialization, Communicative Competence and Identity: Literary Representations of the Language Learner in Twentieth-Century German Literature

Harjes, Kirsten
Denkmäler, Literatur und die Sprache der Erinnerung: Kollektives Gedenken an den Holocaust in Deutschland nach 1989

Janko, Jiri
The Typology of the Relative Clause in Old High German: A Corpus Analysis

Kopp, Kristin Leigh
Contesting Borders: German Colonial Discourse and the Polish Eastern Territories

Von Hoene, Linda
Fascism and Female Melancholia: The Lure of Fascism for the Female Subject in Psychoanalytic Theory, German Literature, and Film

Wiliarty, Kevin
Turns of Phrases: Formulaic Directionals and Grammaticalization in Dutch Language Change and German Second Language Acquisition


Ames, Eric
Where the Wild Things are: Locating the Exotic in German Modernity

Augustyn, Prisca S.
The Semiotics of Fate, Death, and the Soul in Germanic Culture: The Christianization of Old Saxon

Clarke, Robert Doane
Bending the Light: Paul Celan’s “Todesfuge”

Collier Sy-Quia, Hilary Ann
The Body Politic in a Contested Present: Christa Wolf and the Making of History

Erlin, Matthew Carter
Topographies of Tolerance: City, History, and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Berlin

Hall, Sara Frances
Subject under Investigation: Weimar Culture and the Police

McFarland, Robert B.
Reading the Other Berlin: Flanerie, Vision, and the Poetics of Urban Space

Ritchie, James Andrew
Causation in Sound Change: Perception-Based Monophthongization in Old High German


Reitter, Paul Benedict
The Soul of Form: Karl Kraus, Essayism, and Jewish Identity in Fin-de Siecle Vienna


Delia, Rosemary
Fantasies of Identity: Kundry and the Redemption of Difference in Wagner’s Parsifal

Svenmo, Karin Marie
Just a Business Deal: Kafka, Strindberg, and the Discourse of Economy

Wheeler, Brett Richard
Asthetic Reenchantments: The Work of Art and the Crisis of Politics in German Modernism

Starkey, Kathryn
Discourses of Interaction: Word, Image, and Reception in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s “Willehalm”


Belz, Julie Anne
Mind, Metaphor, and Prefix: Evidence for Prototype Category Structure in NHG ver-

Frame, Lynne-Marie Hoskins
Forming and Reforming the New Woman in Weimar Germany

Listen, Paul Henry
The Emergence of German Polite Sie: Cognitive and Sociolinguistic Parameters

Smith, Arden Ray
Germanic Linguistic Influence on the Invented Languages of J.R.R. Tolkien


Blumberg, David Gabriel
“Singen möcht ich?”: Hölderlin’s Echo in New Music

Collison, Scott David
Performing Culture: Carnival and the Carnivalesque in Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany and Switzerland

Erb, James Robert
Performing at the Bar: Reconstructing the Nuremberg Fastnachtspiel of the Fifteenth Century

Nenno, Nancy Pauline
Masquerade: Woman, Nature, Modernity

Seong, Sang Hwan
Extended Semantic Typology with Special Reference to German, English, and Korean


Gaus, Linda Louise
“Zuo nutz und heylsamer ler”: Representations of Women in Early Modern German Satire

Hens, Gregor Wolfgang
Ditransitive Constructions in German

Isenberg, Noah William
Between Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft: The Rise of German Modernism and the Question of Jewish Identity

Vandergriff, Ilona Margerita
A Study of German Conditionals: Domain, Verb Position, and Pragmatic Function

Wise, Gail Elizabeth
Ali in Wunderland: German Representations of Foreign Workers


Berman, Nina Auguste
Orientalismus, Kolonialismus und Moderne: zum Bild des Orients in der deutschen Kultur um 1900

Bledsoe, Robert Steven
Reading and Identity Construction in the Eighteenth Century German Novel (Gellert, La Roche, Nicolai, Goethe)

Clopton, Laura Dale
Dative Reflexive Motion Verbs in Old Saxon: Syntax, Semantics, and Discourse

Gott, Gil Michael
Migration, Ethnicization, and Germany’s New Ethnic Minority Literature

Greiner, Paul Joseph
Suprasegmentals in Germanic: Evidence from Gothic and Old High German

Pohle, Bettina Barbara
Kunstwerk Frau: Repräsentationen von Weiblichkeit in der Moderne

Polster, Arnim Henry
Childhood, Autonomy, and Social Order: The Pedagogy of Karl Philipp Moritz

Zhang, Lihua
A Contrastive Study of Aspectuality in German, English, and Chinese


Baackmann, Susanne
“Erklär mir Liebe”: weibliche Schreibweisen von Liebe in der Gegenwartsliteratur

Estabrook, Bernd Klaus
“Das geisteskranke Fragen nach einem Bewusstseyn”: Dialectic and Rationality in the Work of Friedrich Hölderlin


Dunlap, Samuel Roy
Among the Cannibals and Amazons: Early German Travel Literature on the New World

Foell, Kristie A.
Blind Reflections: Gender in Elias Canetti’s “Die Blendung”

Forester, Lee Allen
Umlaut Phenomena in Early New High German Discourse: A Pragmatic Approach

Kreide, Caroline
Lou Andreas-Salomé: Feministin oder Antifeministin? Eine Standortbestimmung zur wilhelminischen Frauenbewegung

Levin, David Jonathan
Taking a Stab at the Truth: Narrative Education and Aggression in the Nibelungenlied, Richard Wagner’s Ring des Nibelungen, and Fritz Lang’s Siegfried

Miller, Wayne Vincent
The Literary Canon as Process: Early Heinrich and Thomas Mann Novels in their Contemporary Reception

Newton, Stephen Leslie
German/English Lexicographical Contrasts: City, Queen (quean), Yard

Ralston, Kenneth Michael
The Captured Horizon: Heidegger and the Nactwachen von Bonaventura


Federle, James Courtney
Authenticities: Bodies, Gardens, and Pedagogies in Late-Eighteenth Century Germany

Krooks, David Andrew
At the Intersection of Semiotics and Linguistic Semantics: Sign in the Old Saxon Heliand and the Old High German Evangelienbuch

Mildenhall, Nicholas
The Interaction of Love and Art in Gottfried’s Tristan

Ostrem, Francine
Maternal Inscriptions: Jelinek, Kafka, Sacher-Masoch

Pahl, Leslie Ann
Margins of Modernity: The Citizen and the Criminal in the Weimar Republic

Poeter, Elisabeth
“Der Frauen Wissenschaft ist der Mann”: Phantasie und Wirklichkeit weiblicher Bildung

Torno, Timothy Carl
The Study of Temporality in Literature: Heidegger and Hölderlin


Brown, Robert Hutchins
Nature’s Hidden Terror: Violent Nature Imagery and Social Change in Eighteenth Century German Writings

Brunner, Edda Sonnhilde
Sprache, Ideologie und Praxis in Kleists “Marquise von O…”: Spannungsmomente und gesellschaftliche Machtverhältnisse

Schiffman, Byron Charles
Early New High German Technical Writings of Albrecht Dürer: Focus on Translation and Linear Syntax

Trauth, Gregory Paschal
German and English Academic Genres: A Contrastive Study of Astronomical Sublanguage and Discourse

Von Pohl, Ann Louise
Problems in Consonant Gemination: Germanic Evidence


Brauner, Sigrid Maria
Frightened Shrews and Fearless Wives: The Concept of the Witch in Early Modern German Texts (1487-1560)

Kosta, Barbara Kujundzich
Personal Histories: Autobiography and Female Identity in Contemporary German Literature and Film


Frickmann, Sybille
Erfahrungsseelenkunde. Karl Phillip Moritz’ Beitrag zur Entwicklung der empirischen Psychologie im Kontext zeitgenössischer psychologischer und literarischer Texte

Henrotte, Gayle Allen
Language, Linguistics, and Music: A Source Study

Keutel, Walter
Der Autor als Fiktion: Produktive literarische Rezeption am Beispiel Robert Walsers

Tschirner, Erwin Paul
Aktionalitätsklassen der Prädikate des Neuhochdeutschen

Wauchope, Mary Michele
The Grammar of the Old High German Particles thoh, ia, and thanne


Genzmer, Herbert
Mendacity: On Contrastive Discourse Structures in German, English, and Spanish

Hamilton, Albert James
Johann Gottfried Herder and the Critique of Historical Reason

Hasty, Willard Ray
The Adventure as Social Performance: A Study of the German Court Epic

Murphy, Richard
The Decentered Reader: The Dramatication of Subjectivity and German Expressionism

Vaughan, Larry
Johann Georg Hamann: Metaphysics of Language and Vision of History

Wietlisbach, Cornel Joseph
Mögliche Wirklichkeit – wirkliche Möglichkeit?: Kritische Betrachtungen zu E.Y. Meyers “In Trubschachen” und “Die Rückfahrt”


Bister, Helga
Studien zum Dialekt von Krefeld am Niederrhein

Clark, Jonathan Philip
Immediacy and Experience: Institutional Change and Spiritual Expression in the Works of Quirinus Kuhlmann

Cook, Roger Franklin
The Demise of the Author: The Growth of the German Reading Public and the Writer’s Retreat, 1770-1848

Gilbert, Steven MacLeod
Chasing the Frenzied Hare: Wolfram’s Earthly Aesthetic in the Prologue and Imagery of Parzival

Guidry, Glenn Alan
Language, Ethics, and Society: A Model of Communication in Fontane and Hofmannsthal

Kaussen, Karl Josef
Interlingual Transfer in the Translation of Scientific and Technical Texts

Lehrer, Mark Alan
Intellektuelle Aporie und literarische Originalität. Wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Studien zum deutschen Realismus: Keller, Raabe und Fontane

McCormick, Richard William
The Politics of the Personal: West German Literature and Cinema in the Wake of the Student Movement

Painter, Sigrid Dejas
Die Aussprache des Frühneuhochdeutschen nach Lesemeistern des 16 Jahrhunderts – A study of the Pronunciation of Early New High German in the 16th century


Allert, Beate Ilse
Die Metapher und ihre Krise zur Dynamic der “Bilderschrift” Jean Pauls

Hall, Margaret Austin
Syntactic and Semantic Patterning with the Verb BE in the Older Germanic Languages

Murray, Hollice Marie
Literary Revolution as Bordello Romance: The Ideology of Gender and the Gender of Ideology in the Dawn of German Modernism

Parker, Timothy Scott
Modern North Frisian and North German: A Case Study in Language Variation and Language Change Between Languages in Contact

Quinn, Thomas Paul
Heinrich von Kleist und die Frage nach Gott

Williams, Eric Brian
Pictures, Poetry, and Play: A study of Georg Trakl and Poetic Language


Ahlbrecht, Wulf Heinrich
Wirklichkeit aus dem entgleiten Versuch zu Paul Celans späten Gedichten

Dowden, Stephen Dell
The Authority of Imagination. A Study in the Novel of German Modernism: Kafka, Broch, Musil, and Thomas Mann

Gooze, Marjanne Elaine
Bettine von Arnim, the Writer

Raney, Roslyn Sue
A Discourse Approach to Word Order Change in Germanic, Romance, and Celtic


Harris, Judith May
Modes of Domination: The Social Dimension in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Fiction

Lackner, Regina Eis
Peter Rühmkorf: A Question of Balance

Love, Myra Norma
Das Spiel mit offenen Möglichkeiten: Subjectivity and the Thermatization of Writing in the Works of Christa Wolf

Lovik, Thomas Allan
A Conversational Analysis of German Service Encounters: Toward a Pragmatic Grammar of Modern Standard German

May, Gabriele Schmoll
Tradition im Umbruch: zur Sophokles-Rezeption im deutschen Vormärz


Chun, Dorothy Maria
A Contrastive Study of the Suprasegmental Pitch in Modern German, American English, and Mandarin Chinese


Menzies, John Karl
Schiller, Historical Truth, and the Netherlands: The Genesis of Schiller’s Concept of History

Prandi, Julie D.
Sprited Women Heroes of the Goethezeit: Women Protagonists in the Dramas of Goethe, Schiller, and Kleist


Asher, Evelyn Westermann
Urteil ohne Richter: die psychische Integration oder die Entfaltung des Charakters im Werke Franz Kafkas

Keul, Norman Carl
Semantic Structures in the Minnesang of Heinrich von Morungen: A Textual Linguistic Analysis

Sparing, Margarethe Wilma
The Perception Reality in the Volksmärchen of Schleswig-Holstein: A Study in Interpersonal Relationships and World View

Tubach, Sally Patterson
Female Homoeroticism in German Literature and Culture


Meyerhofer, Nicholas Joseph
A Strong Tendency Towards Silence: Communication and Semantic Resistance in the Works of Paul Celan

Nutting, Peter West
Jean Paul and the Rise of Humor


Bishop, Harry M.
The “Subjectless” Sentences of Old High German

Hammond, Theresa Mayer
American Paradise: German Travel Literature from Duden to Kisch
Chair: Seeba

Morse, Margaret Elizabeth
The Works of Arthur Schnitzler as an Index of Cultural Change: Relationships between the Sexes in Society, Ideology, and the Imagination

Wijsen, Louk M. P. T.
Psychoanalysis and the Literary Symbol: A Structural Approach to Imagery, Language, and Thought in Literature

Wolfram, Manfred Kurt
Television as a Contemporary Literary Form: A Theory

Wright, Barbara Drygulski
Expressionist Utopia: The Pursuit of Objectless Politics


Hathaway, Luise Hertrich
Laut- und Bedeutungswandel in der Imster Mundart zwischen 1897 und 1973

Strodach, Elizabeth Aborn
Studies in Phonological and Analogical Change in Early North Germanic

Voge, Wilfried M.
The Pronunciation of “Standard German” According to the Descriptions of Eighteenth Century Grammarians


Critchfield, Richard Demar
Lessing and Brecht: A Comparative Study

Gelus, Marjorie Ann
Hölderlin’s “Mnemosyne”: An Interpretation


Aikin, Judith Popovich
Christian Views of History and Politics in the Dramas of Daniel Caspar von Lohenstein

Clausing, Gerhard Robert Bernd
On the Structure of Contemporary Colloquial German

Hannemann, Bruno
Verkehrtes theatrum mundi und verflixter Kerl: zu Johann Nestroys Bild vom Menschen

Mueller, Irmgard Sieker
Schillers “Die Räuber” im Spiegel der Zeit von der Entstehung bis 1859

Sharp, Francis Michael
A Poet of Despair Re-examined: Altered Consciousness and Values in Georg Trakl’s Poetry


Cameron, Beatrice Adrienne
Anti-Computer: An Essay on the Work of Paul Celan, Followed by Selected Poems in Translation


Stone, Edward James
The Phonological System in the Leiden Williram


Bennett, Peirson Sterling Page
The Motif of Seeing and the Symbol of the Eye in Hermann Broch’s Bergroman

Browning, Barton W.
Artifice Visible: Literary Mannerism in the Dramas of Daniel Casper von Lohenstein

Cook, Frances Beck
The Dream Image in the Poetry of Georg Heym

Jaeger, Charles Stephen
The Prologue Tradition in Middle High German Romance

Kossuth, Karen Catherine
A Case Grammar of Verbal Predicators in Old Icelandic

Kraft, Helga Wilhelmine
Harmonie und Missklang: Eine Studie der musikalischen und akustischen Zeichen in den Werken von Heinrich von Kleist

McCann, David Russell
Shakespeare in Brecht’s Dialectical Theater: A Study of the Coriolanus Adaptation

South, Marie-Luise Sacks
Der Doppelsinn des Lebens: Dialektische Rhetorik als Strukturprinzip in Schillers Wallenstein


Eifler, Margret
Das Groteske in drei Parodien Thomas Manns: “Joseph und seine Brüder,” “Das Gesetz,” “Der Erwählte”

Gray, Clayton
Motifs of Classical Minnesang: Their Origin, Content, and Development

Rickerson, Earl Martin
The lingua adamica: Its Historical Development and Its Role in German Baroque Literature

Stenberg, Peter Alvin
The Theme of Time and the Golden Age: A Study of Meister Eckhart, Novalis, and Hofmannsthal

Waldenrath, Douglas Alexander
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing – the Humanist


Bahr, Ehrhard Carl Oskar
“Diese sehr ernsten Scherze …” – Studien zum Problem der Ironie in Goethes Spätwerk (Divan, Wanderjahre und Faust II)

Clyde, Monica Weber
Der Bildungsgedanke bei Wilhelm Raabe

Giegerich, Wolfgang
Der verlonene Sohn – vom Ursprung des Dichtens Wilhelm Raabes

Hinman, Martha Mayo
Rhetoric and Ornamentation in the Songs of Walther von der Vogelweide

Kudszus, Winfried
Ödipus der Sprache: zum sprachlichen Geschehen beim späten und spätesten Höderlin

Ober, Peter Chapin
Sense Images for Noetic Experience in the Works of Meister Eckhart

Read, Ralph Russell
The Politization of Modern German Historical Drama

Richards, David Gleyre
The Works of George Büchner: A Study in Form and Meaning

Wheelis, Samuel Millard
Nicodemus Frischlin: Comedian and Humanist


Kluger, Ruth
The Development of the German Epigram in the 17th Century

Pimentel, Raul
The German Historical Folksong of the Late Middle Ages

Thomas, Barry Gillespie
Gottfried Keller: Appearance and Reality in his Prose Works


Baron, Frank E.
The Beginnings of German Humanism: The Life and Work of the Wandering Humanist Peter Luder

Bragg, Marvin Howell
The Concept of the Profession of Poet in Germany during the Eighteenth Century and the Evolution of a New Theory of Literature

Maurer, Warren R.
The Naturalist Appraisal of German Literature

Mihailovich, Vasa D.
Hermann Hesse and Russia

Sullivan, John Herman
The German Religious Sonnet of the Seventeenth Century


Fetzer, John F.
Music in the Life and Works of Clemens Brentano

Lowe, Pardee Joe Yee
German Noun Formation, 1964: Suffixation

Van Asselt, Jan
A Graphological Study of the Language of Zeno, a Middle Low German


Feder, Murray Harold
A Source Study and Interpretation of the Middle High German Poem: Die Gute Frau

Stavenhagen, Lee
The Science of Parzival


Hertling, Gunter H.
Wandlung der Werte im dichterischen Werke der Ricarda Huch

McWilliams, James R.
Thomas Mann’s Heroes: Their Guilt and Its Significance


Farquharson, Robert Howard
The Development of the Love Theme in the Works of Hermann Hesse

Gish, Theodor Gordon
Immer nach Hause: The Theme of Wandering from Its Literary Beginnings Through Romanticism in Germany

Mileck, Margrethe Schioler
Scandinavian Antiquity in German Literature from 1745 to 1773


Brueckner, Hans-Dieter
Heldengestaltung in Conrad Ferdinand Meyers Prosawerken

Hortenback, Jenny Christa
Freiheitsstreben und Destruktivität: Frauen in den Dramen August Stringbergs und Gerhart Hauptmanns


Wiseman, Richard Wallace
Music and the Problem of Evil: Condemnation and Affirmation in the Works of Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse


Rosenau, Henriette
Die Symbolik im Werk der Dichterin Gertrud von Le Fort

Spaethling, Robert Herbert
Der neue Stil im Drama des Sturm und Drangs


McNeely, James Alexander
Political Themes in the Literature of the German Enlightenment


Hauser, Ronald
Friedrich Hebbel and the Storm and Stress

Logan, Alan Livingston
The Attitude of the Early Nietzsche toward German Literature

Richter, Glenda Gillard
Daniel Casper von Lohenstein and the Turks

Tubach, Frederic Christian
History of the Exemplum in Germany to 1500


Babcock, Leland Stillman
Concepts of the Good Life in Stifter’s Early Works

Blaisdell, Foster Warren
The Preposition-Adverbs in the Oldest Icelandic Prose Manuscripts

Dunkle, Harvey Ivan
C.M. Wieland’s Aesthetic Evaluation of Literature

Engelsing, Ingeborg
“Amor fati” in Zuckmayers Dramen, 1925-1955

Iiams, Carlton Laird
Aegidiu Albertinus and Antonio de Guevara

Richter, Leo Thomas
The Italian Influence upon German Letters during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Taylor, Ransom Theodore
The Concept of Political Power in the Works of Alfred Neumann


Daviau, Donald George
The Significance of Hermann Bahr to Austria

Shetter, William Z.
Umlaut in Medieval Dutch Nonliterary Texts


Henningsen, Caroline Henrietta
The East Frisian Dialect of Point Pleasant, Sacramento County, California

Shaw, Leroy Robert
The Concept of ‘Kulturluge’ in Hauptmann’s Early Works

Wilbur, Terence Harrison
A Study of the Magical Vocabulary of Common Germanic


Nicholls, Roger Archibald
Early Thomas Mann and Nietzsche

Wilkie, Richard Francis
Christian Felix Weisze and his Relation to French and English Literature


Goldsmith, Ulrich Karl
The Will to Power in the Poetical Genesis of Stefan George

Kraft, Walter Carl
The Phonology of Wittenweiler’s Ring

Schmidt, S. Edgar
German Librettos and Librettists from Postel’s Psyche (1701) to Schikaneder’s Zauberflote (1794)


Height, Joseph S.
The Translation of Goethe’s Lyric Poems into English


Bergel, Kurt [ed.]
Der Briefwechsel von Georg Brandes und Arthur Schnitzler

Roeger, William Albert [ed.]
Georg Hager’s Zweites Liederbuch: a Sixteenth Century Anthology of Meistergesang

Sobel, Eli
A Hans Sachs Anthology: The Meistertöne of Berlin 414


Brown, Francis Andrew
The Ideas of John Locke in the German Aufklärung

Lombardi, Stephanie Orth
Josef von Sonnenfels and the Viennese stage

Roertgen, William Francis
The Frankfurter gelehrte Anzeigen in Relation to the Literature of the Time (1772-1790)


Hagge, Carl William
Gabriel Rollenhagen’s Amantes Amentes: An Introduction and Notes to the Edition of 1614

Riordan, John Lancaster
The Pleier’s Place in German Arthurian Literature


Brenninger, Ralph Alfred
A Study of the Fugger Financial Vocabulary, 1494-1525


Moeller, Eric
Poetic Style and Technique in the Heroic Lays of the Edda

Whitesell, Frederick Rhodes
Middle High German Text Publication, 1800-1856


Immerwahr, Raymond Max
Ludwig Tieck’s Contribution in Theory and Practice to the German Romanticists’ Conception of Comedy


Cohn, Fritz Ludwig
France and the Poetry of the German Vormärz

Engelbarts, Rudolf Karl Wilhelm
Karl Rosenkranz als Literaturhistoriker und Kritiker


Borden, Charles Ernest
Johann Elias Schlegel als Vorläufer Gotthold Ephrain Lessings


Melz, Fritz
Wieland und Tieck: Ein Vergleich

Schmitz, Frederick Josef
Lessings Stellung in der Entfaltung des Individualismus im 18. Jahrhundert


Bunje, Emil Theodore Hieronymus
A Reconsideration of the Main Difficulties in the Expository Part of the Hildebrandslied


Delfs, Annemarie Helene
Die politische Lyrik des Dreissigjährigen Krieges von 1618-1648

Harrison, Margaret (Hayne)
A Comparative Study of Modern Religious Drama in Germany and France


King, Henry Safford
Echoes of the American Revolution in German Literature


MacInnes, Isabel Stewart
The Influence of Feminism on the German Women Novelists


Gudde, Erwin Gustav
Freiligraths Entwicklung als politischer Dichter

Kleine, Mathilde
Zur Entwicklung der Futurumschreibung ‘Werden’ mit dem Infinitiv


Bell, Clair Hadyen
The Sister’s Son in the Medieval German Epic

Reinsch, Frank Herman
Goethe’s Political Interests prior to 1787


Wyneken, Friedrich Alexander
Rousseaus Einfluss auf Klinger


Pinger, Wilhelm Robert Richard
Der junge Goethe und das Publikum