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Jon Cho-Polizzi

Dwinelle 5405

Research Areas

Literary Translation and Translation Theory, Migration Studies, Folklore, and Cultural History


Jon Cho-Polizzi is a doctoral candidate in the joint PhD program in Medieval Studies and German Literature and Culture.

He received his MA in Übersetzungswissenschaft (Translation Studies) from Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and his BA in German Literature and European History from UC Santa Cruz. He is also active at UC Berkeley’s Institute of European Studies and Program in Folklore. He freelances as a literary translator, and has taught at public and private schools in Germany and California.


The rural village idyll is foundational to the imaginary of the German nation. His dissertation titled “It Takes a Village” investigates literary representations of the local through transnational and increasingly translingual ‘village stories.’ He was managing editor for four issues of TRANSIT Journal (11.2, 11.1, 10.2 and 10.1) and a contributor to the Multicultural Germany Project.

In his spare time he enjoys photography, alpine mountaineering, scuba diving, and Käsespätzle.

Recent Courses

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German R5B “What Is Modern German Literature?”
German R5A “Untranslatables”
German R5B “Intro to Modern German Literature”
German R5A “On Freedom and Human Dignity”
Dutch 171AC – From New Amsterdam to New York: Race, Culture, and Identity in New Netherlands
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