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American Cultures

From Amsterdam to New York

Dutch 171AC (4) From Amsterdam to New York. Dewulf

A different look at the early colonial history of the United States from the perspective of the 17th century Dutch colony on Manhattan. No knowledge of Dutch required. SATISFIES AMERICAN CULTURES REQUIREMENT.


The Bauhaus and Its Legacy

German 179 (3) Special Topics. Kaes

“The Bauhaus and Its Legacy”

This multidisciplinary course explores the history, theory, and international influence of the Bauhaus movement which started as a radical art and design school in Germany in 1919, one hundred years ago.

News & Announcements

The Department invites applications for multi-year doctoral fellowships in all areas, including cross-disciplinary studies. In cooperation with the Center for Jewish Studies we also offer support for students working on German-Jewish topics. In addition, we are proud to announce the newly established Sunrise Foundation Fellowship in German Film and Media.To apply, please consult the Graduate section of our website.

CfP: 29th Annual Berkeley German Studies Conference – Schul(d)en: Guilt, Debt, Education

Professor Deniz Göktürk published a book on the social dynamics of humor: Komik der Integration. Grenzpraktiken und Identifikationen des Sozialen, co-edited with Uwe Wirth and Özkan Ezli

UC Berkeley’s 27th annual German Department Graduate Conference on the topic of “Affective Realisms” was organized by graduate students Caroline Durlacher, Molly Krueger, Landon Reitz, and Michael Sandberg.

Graduate students Jarrett Dury-Agri, Alicia Roy, Michael Sandberg, and Cara Tovey presented their work at the June 2019 BTWH (Berkeley-Tübingen-Wien-Harvard) international working group conference in Bale, Croatia, on the topic “Verdinglichung/Reification.”

Professor Anton Kaes published “Der Traum vom Kino: Zur Filmtheorie der Weimarer Republik,” which appears in the catalogue to the exhibition “Kino der Moderne: Film in der Weimarar Republik,” currently showing at the Kinemathek Berlin.

Upcoming Events

Still Lives: Jewish Photography under Nazism (co-sponsored by The Center for Jewish Studies)

The talk considers photographs that were taken by non-professional Jewish photographers under…

Singing Schubert, Hearing Race: Black Concert Singers and the German Lied in Interwar Central Europe

Kira Thurman explores the rise in popularity of African American classical musicians…

The Working Women’s Charter: Women’s Rights between Socialist Internationalism and Neoliberalism in 1970s Europe

This talk examines the transnational circulation of proposals for a Working Women’s…

Past Incentives, Present Choices: Ideational Legacies and the Politics of Migration in European Minority Regions

Christina Isabel Zuber presents the main arguments and empirical findings of her…

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