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Jarrett dury agri

Jarrett Dury-Agri

Jarrett Dury-Agri is a graduate student in the Department of German who comes to the field by way of literature. In 2012, he received a B.A. in Literary Studies from Middlebury College, where his culminating work considered the philosophical implications of Spanish translations of Franz Kafka’s short stories. After spending a year teaching English on a Fulbright Fellowship in Oerlinghausen, Germany, he studied German Expressionism and Italian Futurism at Dartmouth College, where he earned an A.M. in Comparative Literature in 2013.
His abiding interest is the intersection of and interstices between literature and philosophy, more specifically the formal elements or reading practices that complicate and enrich the texts that fall under these designations. With his focus on writing from the period 1850-1950, he also hopes that a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory will enable him to analyze German-language contributions to the theoretical emergence of modernism and to treatments of the relationship between literature and philosophy. Hiking and biking are his favorite activities for getting away and finding time to think.