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Caroline Durlacher


Caroline is a graduate student in the German Literature and Culture program and the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. Before coming to Berkeley, she received her BA in German Studies at Yale in 2015 and then worked as a translator in Vienna, Austria while doing coursework in Germanistik and Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaften at the University of Vienna. Her work focuses on crossing points of the categories ‘public’ and ‘private’ (in its triple evocation of ‘intimacy,’ ‘individual ownership,’ and ‘privation’) in mid-twentieth-century Austrian and German literature and philosophy. This brings her into close contact with postwar theories of violence, language and subjectivity; proto-neoliberal economic programs; and cybernetic and game theoretical models of sociological explanation and governmental action. She also maintains a strong interest in the history of Marxisms and socialisms (including Marxian methodologies) and feminist, postcolonial and critical race theory.