Double Major

The Department of German is very supportive of students wishing to pursue a double major. Combining a German Major with a major in another program of study, like Business, Law, International Relations, Film Studies, or Comparative Literature, will give students a competitive advantage in today’s globalized job market. The College of Letters & Sciences allows a higher unit ceiling to double majors.

The German Department tries to accommodate double majors to facilitate completing and managing the additional work. Students can enroll in upper-division German courses taught in English while they are starting to learn the language. The department also offers intensive language workshops during the summer that allow students to complete a whole year of German in only ten or fifteen weeks. Many classes offered by the department fulfill some of the college's breadth requirements, and half of the courses required for the major may be completed while studying abroad. Additionally, two courses taken in other departments can count toward the German major if those courses concern European topics.

To declare a double major, fill out a double major packet from the College of Letters & Science. You will need to prepare a four-year plan and get signatures from both departments.

Please consult Nadia Samadi (Undergraduate Student Adviser) if you are interested in pursuing a double major, when there are questions about these requirements, and for further information.