Graduate Placement

The department has an outstanding placement record. Over the last decade, PhDs in German accepted tenure-track or long-term positions at the following institutions: The University of Arizona, Brigham Young University, Georgetown University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Southern Illinois University, Indiana University/Purdue University, University of Maryland, McGill University in Montreal, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ohio State University, University of Rochester, University of Virginia, University of Washington at Seattle, and Washington University in St. Louis.

The department is committed to helping students secure appointments in academia. This effort includes a workshop on all aspects of the academic job market early in each fall semester, reviewing of curriculum vitae and letters of application, mock interviews, and follow-up advising.

Placements by Year (since 2010)


Estes, Alex, [Programmer at the Berkeley Media Studies Group]


Haselbeck, Sebastian, [Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Institut für Deutsche Philologie, Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München

Hench, Christopher [Postdoc at UC Berkeley, Berkeley Institute for Data Science and D-Lab]

Orich, Annika [Assistant Professor of German, School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech]

Ingalls, Jenna [Lecturer, UC Berkeley German Department]


Born, Erik [Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Society for the Humanities, Cornell University]
Dobryden, Paul [Asst. Prof., University of Virginia]
Ellis, Robin [Visiting Asst. Prof. Davidson College]
Mušanović, Emina [Asst. Prof., Linfield College]


Allred, Mason [Historian and Editor, The Joseph Smith Papers]
Dickinson, Kristin [Asst. Prof., University of Michigan]
Gordon, Kevin A. [Instructional Designer, UCLA Extension]


Almog, Yael [Asst. Prof., Center of Literary and Cultural Research in Berlin (ZfL)]
Etzler, Melissa [Instructor, Butler University]
Manthripragada, Ashwin [Visiting Asst. Prof., Hobart and William Smith Colleges]


Beals, Kurt [Asst. Prof., Washington University in St. Louis]
Haubenreich, Jacob [Asst. Prof., Southern Illinois University]
Kooiker, Jason [Lecturer, Stanford Language Center]


Dewey, Tonya [Asst. Prof., University of Minnesota, Morris]
Kolar, Meredith [Lecturer, University of Zürich]
Layne, Priscilla [Asst. Prof., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill]
Price, Timothy [Research Fellow, University Frankfurt, Germany]
St. Clair, Michael [Lecturer, UC Berkeley]


Gramling, David [Asst. Prof., The University of Arizona]
Trop, Gabriel [Asst. Prof., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill]


The following  is a list of current positions of graduates:

Ames, Eric [Prof., University of Washington]
Ascárate, Richard [Visiting Asst. Prof., George Washington University]
Augustyn, Prisca [Prof., Florida Atlantic University]
Baackmann, Susanne [Assoc. Prof., University of New Mexico]
Berman, Nina [ Prof., Ohio State University]
Blumberg, David [Chair of Department of World Languages, Campolindo High School, Moraga, CA]
Byram, Katra [Asst. Prof., Ohio State University]
Clarke, Robert [Teaching Fellow, UC Berkeley]
Cleek, John [Lecturer, UC Berkeley]
Coffey, Michael [Lecturer, UC Berkeley]
Collier Sy-Quia, Hilary [Ermitage International School France]
Cowan, Michael [Reader, University of St. Andrews]
Cudahy, Mary [Asst. Prof., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale]
Erlin, Matthew [Prof., Washington University, St. Louis]
Hall, Sara [Assoc. Prof., University of Illinois, Chicago]
Harjes, Kirsten [Lecturer, UC Davis]
Howell, Tess [Adjunct Prof. Southern Methodist University]
Huffmaster, Michael [Assistant Professor at the Universidad de Puerto Rico — Mayagüez]
Hwang, June [Assoc. Prof., University of Rochester]
Isenberg, Noah [Prof., The New School Eugene Lang College]
Kapczynski, Jennifer [Assoc. Prof., Washington University]
Kopp, Kristin [Assoc. Prof., University of Missouri]
Koser, Julie [Assoc. Prof., University of Maryland]
Kosta, Barbara [Assoc. Prof., The University of Arizona]
Lagrone, Emily Banwell [Freelance Translator, Oakland, CA]
McFarland, Robert [Assoc. Prof., Brigham Young]
McCormick, Richard [Professor, University of Minnesota]
Nenno, Nancy [Assoc. Prof., College of Charleston]
Reitter, Paul [Prof., Ohio State University]
Roberts, Lee [Assoc. Prof., Indiana University/Purdue University]
Roberts, Suin [Assoc. Prof., Indiana University/Purdue University at Fort Wayne]
Sakalauskaite, Aida [Instructor, College of Alameda]
Starkey, Kathryn [Prof., Stanford University]
Toth, Gergely [Assoc. Instructor, University of Utah]
Warner, Chantelle [Assoc. Prof., The University of Arizona]
Wellmon, Chad [Assoc. Prof., University of Virginia]
Whitt, Jason [Research Fellow, University of Nottingham]
Wiliarty, Kevin [Academic Technology Coordinator., Wesleyan University]
Yamini-Hamedani, Azadeh [Asst. Prof., Simon Fraser University, Canada]

Last updated on 05/17/2016.