Jon Cho-Polizzi

Jon Cho-Polizzi is a doctoral candidate in the joint PhD program in Medieval Studies and German Literature and Culture. He is also a concurrent MA student in UC Berkeley's Program in Folklore. ...

Caroline Durlacher

Caroline is a graduate student in the German Literature and Culture program. Before coming to Berkeley, she received her BA in German Studies at Yale in 2015 and then worked as a translator in Vienna, Austria. Her interests lie, broadly, in the affective, imaginative or physiological effects of texts, in the rhetorical forms of their humor, their pathos, their propaganda or pornography. In practice, her work has focused on 18th-century German, French and English literature (Goethe, de Sade, Jane Austen), and on early-20th-century theory (Schmitt, Benjamin, Kraus).

Jarrett Dury-Agri

Jarrett Dury-Agri is a graduate student in the Department of German who comes to the field by way of literature. In 2012, he received a B.A. in Literary Studies from Middlebury College, where his culminating work considered the philosophical implications of Spanish translations of Franz Kafka’s short stories. After spending a year teaching English on a Fulbright Fellowship in Oerlinghausen, Germany, he studied German Expressionism and Italian Futurism at Dartmouth College, where he earned an A.M. in Comparative Literature in 2013. ...

Zachary Dziedziak

Zachary Dziedziak is a second year graduate student in the German Literature and Culture program and received his BA in History and German Literature from Columbia University. His research interests include the symbiotic relationship between literature and philosophy in fin-de-siècle Germany (especially Nietzsche and his influence on later writers) and the concomitant ‘crisis of modernity’ expressed in the literature of this period.

Alex Estes

Alex is a PhD Candidate in Germanic linguistics. As a linguist, his main interest is the historical phonology of the Germanic languages, and how the phonetics of sound change can inform our understanding of their development. He is also the Python lead at the UC Berkeley Data Lab, where he teaches and develops the curriculum on topics such as Python, natural language processing, and machine learning. He also does consulting in these fields.

Justin Farwell

Justin Farwell is a PhD candidate in the Germanic Linguistics program. He received his BA in Scandinavian Studies from UC Berkeley and his MA in Germanic Linguistics from UC Berkeley. He is also a member of the Designated Emphasis in Dutch Studies. His research interests include linguistic typology, second language acquisition, spatial prepositions, grammaticalization, language contact theory, German dialectology, etymology, and lexical studies in older Germanic languages (namely Middle High German, Old English and Old Norse). ...

Vera Feinberg

Vera Feinberg is a graduate student in the Germanic Linguistics program. She received both her BA (2013) and MA (2015) in Linguistics from San Francisco State University. Her research has concentrated on socio-linguistic and cognitive linguistic aspects, primarily focusing on differences and similarities in lexical structure across languages. She is interested in the semantic analysis of German prepositions, particle and prefix verbs, and how insights of cognitive linguistic research can be applied to foreign language instruction.

Michael Fragomeni

After spending 20 years in the music business, Michael returned to school, receiving his BA (magna cum laude) in History from UC Berkeley. He is currently investigating the freedoms and limitations of “artistic license” by fusing semiotics and optimality theory to examine language in the musical environment. In May of 2012, Michael received his MA in Germanic Linguistics.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a doctoral student in the Department of German beginning in the fall of 2014. She received her BA in Linguistics from Dartmouth College and her MA in Germanic Literature from NYU. In linguistics she has focused on L1 development, cognitive linguistics, and socio-linguistics. In literature her interests include relations between humans and machines; the evolution of measurement (especially time); clocks and their influence on society; and the effects of changing technologies. At Berkeley she hopes to combine literature and linguistics to study curriculum design, material ...

Carolyn Hawkshaw

Carolyn Hawkshaw is a PhD candidate in Germanic Linguistics. In 2004, she received her Bachelor of Music degree from McGill University (Montreal), where she majored in Musicology and studied piano with Canadian pianist Sara Laimon. She spent two years as a student at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany, before enrolling in the Germanic Linguistics PhD Program at Berkeley in 2006. She completed the MA in Germanic Linguistics in 2008. Her research interests include historical German morphology (particularly nominal inflection), corpus linguistics, computational ...

Christopher Hench

Christopher is a PhD candidate in German Literature and Culture and Medieval Studies, a Data Science Fellow at BIDS, and the Program Development Lead at D-Lab and Digital Humanities at Berkeley. He also coordinates module development as part of the DSEP. ...

Paul Hoehn

Paul is a second year doctoral student in the German Literature and Culture program. In 2014, they received their B.A. in German Literature from Kenyon College, where their honors project focused on the interaction of urban/suburban space and personal identity in Arthur Schnitzler's Traumnovelle. They have also studied at the Freie Universität Berlin and spent the 2014-2015 academic year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Meißen, Germany. Paul's research interests include Modernism and its legacies, German-Jewish culture, travel literature, literature of the late 20th and early ...

Zainab Hossainzadeh

Zainab Hossainzadeh is a graduate student in Germanic Linguistics. She received her BA in Linguistics and minors in German and Latin from the University of California, Berkeley in 2013. She is interested in syntax, semantics, computational linguistics, and cognitive linguistics, and she aims to approach her research from a cross-linguistic angle.

Tara Hottman

Tara Hottman is a PhD candidate in the Department of German, with Designated Emphases in Film and Media and Critical Theory. She is currently completing her dissertation, titled "The Art of the Archive," which examines the use of archival and found footage in German essay films and media art. Her research has been supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Institute for European Studies at UC Berkeley, the Max Kade Foundation, the American Friends of DLA Marbach, and the Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. In addition to ...

Molly Krueger

Molly Krueger is a graduate student in the German Literature and Culture program. She joined the department in 2017 after earning her BA in German from Bowdoin College in 2013. As an undergraduate she pursued interests in medieval art and material culture, German-Jewish culture and literature, as well as art, literature, and media of the early 20th century. She continues to be interested in the intersections of literary and visual culture. She has also studied at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, and spent several years working in Maine’s craft beer industry.

Adrienne Merritt

Adrienne (Damiani) Merritt began the journey into Medieval Studies at the University of Minnesota, completing coursework in Paleography, Medieval Text Editing, Latin, and several historical Germanic languages. At that university, she completed her bachelors in German and History, with a minor in Medieval Studies, as well as a Masters in the Germanic Philology program. Upon arriving at UC Berkeley in 2008, she has continued studies in all things medieval, but also pursued research interests in nineteenth and twentieth century subjects, in particular fin de siècle Viennese culture and ...

Adam Nunes

Adam Nunes is a graduate student in Germanic Linguistics and an alumnus of UC Berkeley. Graduating in 2013 with a B.A. in German and B.A. in Linguistics, he has come back to UC Berkeley after spending the last three years working for as a Training and Development Associate.

Stephanie Peltner

Stephanie Peltner is a doctoral candidate in Germanic Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley. She was born and raised in Germany. She did her undergraduate as well as her graduate studies at Berkeley, receiving a BA in Linguistics and German Studies in 2008 and a MA in Germanic Linguistics in 2011. Her research interests include language variation and change with a focus on aspect and tense. She is currently writing her dissertation about the correlation of aspect and tense in the past tense of irregular German verbs.

Lindsay Preseau

Lindsay Preseau is a graduate student in Germanic Linguistics. She received her BA in Linguistics with a minor in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Michigan in 2011. She has also studied at Stockholm University, and received her MA from UC Berkeley in 2013. ...

Landon Reitz

Landon Reitz has been a graduate student in the Department of German since 2015. He received his BA in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 and an MA in German Studies from UC Berkeley in 2016. He completed a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in Munich and has worked in the field of higher education at UPenn. His primary research interest is medieval German religious literature especially pertaining to mystical thought, writings, and practice. His secondary interest include literary representations of reading, the history of German Studies in the ...

Evelyn Roth

Evelyn Roth is an international graduate student at the German Department with an interdisciplinary academic background. She received her B.A. in Literature-Art-Media Studies from University of Konstanz, Germany in 2014 and expects a M.A. in Studies in European Culture with an emphasis on Digital Humanities in early 2017.

Alicia Roy

Alicia Roy is a graduate student in the UC Berkeley Department of German with a Designated Emphasis in Film & Media. She received her M.A. from UC Berkeley in 2014 and a B.A. in German Studies and Media Studies from Scripps College in 2011. She previously worked in Berlin at the Bundestag through the International Parliamentary Scholarship and in Hesse as a Teaching Assistant with the Fulbright Program. Her interests include Weimar cinema, science fiction, film copyright history, and cult television.

Jessica Ruffin

Jessica Ruffin is a graduate student in German Literature and Culture with Designated Emphases in Film and Media Studies and Critical Theory. She holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from Stanford University (2007) and a MA in Humanities from the University of Chicago (2008), where she focused on film theory and aesthetics. In her current work, Jessica seeks to illuminate theories of cinematic spectatorship and form through philosophies of the sublime and divine, with particular focus on the aesthetics and ethics of Arthur Schopenhauer and his medieval mystic influencers. ...

Kumars Salehi

Kumars Salehi is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture. Broadly, he is interested in the relationships between media (primarily film, but also news media) and political consciousness. His research interests include Marxism; the Frankfurt School; German Idealism; and German and Scandinavian modernist/art cinema.

Michael Sandberg

Michael Sandberg is a graduate student in the German Literature and Culture. He received his B.A. in Philosophy and German Studies from Vassar College in 2015. His interests include the intersection of philosophy of language and literature, New Media and posthumanism.

Julia Schroeder

Julia Schroeder is a graduate student in the Department of German at UC Berkeley. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and has also studied at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her academic interests include film/media, international relations and literature. Julia is passionate about learning in multicultural settings and looks forward to continuing her studies at UC Berkeley.

Scott Shell

Scott Shell, a current graduate student instructor at the University of California at Berkeley, received an MA in Linguistics in 2014 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Germanic Linguistics. His interests are semiotics, runology, Germanic/Scandinavian mythology and historical linguistics.

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is a PhD student in German Literature and Culture. He received a B.A. in Germanic Languages and Literatures and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As an undergraduate, he also spent a year in Jaipur studying the Hindi language and 20th century Hindi and Urdu literature. He also worked for two years as a translator and editor for a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Frankfurt am Main. His research interests include modernism and avant-garde studies; the intersections between body culture, cross-cultural mysticisms, and ...

Jonas Teupert

Jonas is a graduate student in the Department of German at Berkeley and a writer of short prose and poetry. Currently, he is attempting to merge academic and poetic modes of thinking and writing, applying critical theory in short prose essays. He studied German and English at Humboldt-University Berlin from 2010 to 2016 and was an awardee of the German National Academic Foundation from 2015 to 2016. His research has covered the form of the novel and the experience of time (Theodor Fontane), the small form and its mediality (Heinrich von Kleist), as well as the interrelation of epics and ...

Cara Tovey

Cara Tovey is a PhD student in German Literature with a Designated Emphasis in Film and Media. She received her BA in 2011 and MA in 2012, both in German Studies from the University of Cincinnati. Cara has also spent one year teaching English in Klagenfurt through the Austrian-American Education Commission (Fulbright Commission). Her research interests include contemporary film and visual culture, as well as performance theory and other art forms such as dance.

Christine Vais

Christine Vais is a graduate student in Germanic Linguistics. She received her BA in 2011 from the University of California, Berkeley, with a double major in German and Linguistics. In 2014, she received her MA, also from the University of California, Berkeley, in Germanic Linguistics. ...

Melissa Winters

Melissa Winters is a PhD candidate in German and Medieval Studies. She arrived in her current field by way of musicology: prior to beginning the doctoral program in German literature at UC Berkeley, she earned the MA and MPhil in music theory at Yale University and the BA in music at Mills College. Her dissertation, “Building the Hall of Song: Richard Wagner and the Middle High German Blütezeit,” examines Wagner’s reception of the courtly literary tradition of the thirteenth century. Those who wonder what she was doing in the interim between Yale and Berkeley may wish to know that she ...