Robin Ellis
Robin Ellis' dissertation is titled “Making Translation Visible: Interpreters in European Literature and Film.” In it she focuses on interpreting as an embodied act of translation, asking how interpreter figures allow writers, filmmakers, readers, and viewers to engage with historically specific questions of translation, communication, and bodily presence. Robin graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in German Literature in 2004 and received a Fulbright Student Grant for study in Berlin 2004-2005. At Berkeley, she collaborated with Kristin Dickinson and Priscilla Layne on a translation of Feridun Zaimoğlu’s “Koppstoff: Kanaka Sprak vom Rande der Gesellschaft” into English, for which they received the 2008 Susan Sontag Prize for Translation.

Research Areas

Postwar and contemporary German and European culture; multilingual literature and film; translation; questions of gender; media studies; embodied performance; transnational circulation