Mason Allred

Mason Allred

PhD Candidate

Office: 5405 Dwinelle

As a PhD candidate in the Department of German with a designated emphasis in Film Studies, my interests range from historical film, academic historiography and silent cinema to Jewish studies, Yiddish literature and cultural exchange between Germany and America. Funded by a Fulbright grant and hosted by the Freie Universität Berlin, I was able to perform archival film research for my dissertation project titled, “Moving History: The Cinematic Regime of Historicity in Weimar Germany.” My attention to medium specificity and the trafficking of film across borders highlights how history on film moved from national contexts to international notions of pedagogy and connection shaping a shared sense of the past. This transnational influence of large-scale silent historical films is brought into relief along with cinema’s role in catalyzing innovations in historiographical practice and thought from America’s New Historians to Siegfried Kracauer and Walter Benjamin. The project culminates with a close textual analysis of Ernst Lubitsch’s “Passion” (1919) to consider the very experience of affective or “moving” history, thereby highlighting the hallmarks of a cinematic regime of historicity.


  • “Foreign Bodies: Border Control, Jewish Identity, and Der Student von Prag (1913),” Jewish Studies Quarterly Volume 21, issue 3 (October 2014): 277-295.
  • “Integrating the Best Books: Interwar Intellectualism and Extratextuality in Dorian, 1922.” A Companion to Nephi Anderson’s Dorian. (Peculiar Pages Press,  2014)
  • “Pumping Up Masculinity: The Initial Intervention and Lasting Legacy of Hans and Franz,” Journal of Popular Culture Volume 45, Issue 2 (April 2012): 241–263.
  • "Re-Membering the Past: Historical Film and the Embodied Viewer," in Film and History: The Production and Experience of History in Motion Pictures and Audio. ed. Pauleit, Winfried. (Berlin: Bertz + Fischer GbR, Forthcoming 2015).

Recent Courses

Media and the Body (Ger R5B), Cinema and the City (Ger R5A), History, Memory and Narration (Germ R5A)

Research Areas

Historical film; academic historiography; silent cinema; Jewish studies; Yiddish literature; cultural exchange between Germany and America