Kirill Chepurin
Kirill Chepurin is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, and Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley through June 2017, in addition to doing a second doctoral degree in Theology and Philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His research focuses on German Idealism and Romanticism, utopian thought, and contemporary continental philosophy and political theology (in particular the apocalyptic and the limits of the secular). His current project, "Idealism and Utopia: Towards a Political Theology of German Idealism," seeks to recover and theoretically re-articulate the utopian and political-theological aspects of the philosophical trajectory of German Idealism from Kant, via Fichte and Romanticism (esp. Friedrich Schlegel), to Schelling and Hegel. He has published, in Russian, a monograph on Hegel’s Anthropology (which he is revising for publication in English) and numerous articles on German Idealism; in English, his work has appeared, among other places, in Crisis and Critique, Kant Yearbook, and Comparative and Continental Philosophy, as well as edited volumes. He has also presented extensively on German Idealism, utopia, and continental philosophy of religion at international events in Europe, the UK, and the US. He is co-editing, with Alex Dubilet, the volume German Idealism and the Future of Political Theology: Kant to Marx, and with Daniel Whistler and Adi Efal, Hegel and Schelling in Nineteenth-Century France (2 vols).